About us

 The headquarters of ZINSCHE Battery in Germany is located in Hamburg. ZINSCHE Battery in Germany is leading in battery production in Europe and America, and ranks among the top in the world. Our business scope includes various fields such as AGM lead-acid batteries, 12-OPZV colloidal batteries, rectifiers, inverters, uninterruptible power supply systems, DC converters, traction battery chargers, measuring equipment, motors, and transformers. Our products are exported to 120 countries and regions. ZINSCHE POWER. specializes in data centers, communication, power distribution, energy transportation, chemical electronics, finance, healthcare, military, and maritime industries We are making unremitting efforts in the field of energy reserve guarantee in industries such as wind and solar energy, intelligent buildings, etc., focusing on research and development, and leading the forefront of battery energy storage technology in Europe and even globally.
Advanced manufacturing and testing control requires over 200 manufacturing and testing processes for ZINSCHE battery products. Relying on advanced computer-aided design, computer-controlled manufacturing and testing methods, as well as artistic craftsmanship processes, ZINSCHE batteries possess exceptional quality, earning a high reputation for high performance, reliability, and durability.
Germany's Senquan ZINSCHE battery entered China in 2006 and established a marketing headquarters in Beijing. As the company's business continues to expand in China, it will gradually establish relevant branches in other major cities in China.
The company's mission is to provide users with excellent products and high-quality services. Our company will wholeheartedly provide world-class services and first-class products to more domestic users. This is a reliable guarantee for the company's development, and customer satisfaction is our always pursued goal